What are the advantages of being a POSP?

How beautiful is to wake up in the morning and doing what you like? Nobody else to “boss” you but you only. That’s one of the primary advantages of becoming a POSP.

Here are the list of other benefits that you will enjoy if you are about to choose a career as POSP.

Zero Investment

Let’s start with the sweetest part itself.

You don’t have to spend any bulk initial investment for starting a POSP career. If you have the basic amenities of a “SMART MAN” such as a laptop, a smart phone and an internet connection-that’s it. You are all set to GO!!

Less training hours

Becoming an insurance expert is no difficult task. You can learn the basics in days and become an expert in a short period of time.

Work flexibility

This is another important aspect.

You can choose your work as per you want to do. It’s all about closing potential sales. That’s all it matters. The path, it’s entirely up to you. But you have to make sure that you follow the IRDAI guidelines in every step you take. Except that, everything is under your control.

Choose your own working hours

Similar to the work flexibility aspect we discussed above. There are no pre-defined work hours for a POSP. It’s you that decide your own work hours. Choosing this as a full-time or part is entirely your choice.

Work from home

If you are someone who has that online skill, know that knack of using the online facilities for your business growth, then work from home is an alternative.

Unlimited growth potential

This is not at all a salaried work routine. So you are not tied up ton any financial boundaries. Your earnings will be directly proportional to the policies you sell and in the form of commissions.

And, about the commission structure, it’s another WOW moment!!

Guaranteed job satisfaction

Working on what you choose is something very exciting. If you think that sales is your strength and POSP is your passion and then you have tons of success coming in.


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